Identifying Need

We have collated data from the most credible South African statistical sources to create our in-house ‘Hunger Heat Maps’. These maps represent a range of indicators for children’s vulnerability to hunger and food insecurity and assist us in tracking where our in-school feeding will have the most impact as we continuously increase our reach. Our Heat Maps are updated as the latest statistical data becomes available.

Our long-term goal is to reach all children in South Africa who do not have access to government school feeding programs.

Where We Work

The Lunchbox Fund is a National Organization maintaining consistent yearly nutrition programs in the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West Province and Western Cape.

Tremendous social and economic inequalities in South Africa yield great local-level variations in children’s hunger and vulnerability. Identifying our beneficiaries always involves community mapping, together with stakeholder liaison and monitoring and evaluation. Our combined approach of drawing on our Heat Maps together with on-the-ground evaluation ensures the most effective and efficient utilisation of resources.

The Lunchbox Fund reaches children and communities who are most the most vulnerable, food-insecure and disadvantaged, and who will most benefit from our support.

Northern Cape

Children: 546 Meals: 109,200


Children: 952 Meals: 190,400

North West Province

Children: 1,994 Meals: 398,800


Children: 2,190 Meals: 438,000

Free State

Children: 560 Meals: 112,000


Children: 2,288 Meals: 457,600

Western Cape

Children: 5,775 Meals: 1,212,750

Eastern Cape

Children: 6,207 Meals: 1,273,200


Children: 6,366 Meals: 1,273,200

Eastern Cape

Children: 6,207
Afterschool: 731
ECD Centers: 2,927
Playgroups: 191
Holiday Programs: 214
Primary/Secondary: 2,144
Schools: 139

Free State

Children: 560
Afterschool: 81
ECD Centers: 479
Schools: 12


Children: 2,190
Afterschool: 303
ECD Centers: 1,290
Primary/Secondary: 597
Schools: 49


Children: 6,366
Afterschool: 137
ECD Centers: 1,977
Playgroups: 1,738
Primary/Secondary: 2,514
Schools: 210


Children: 952
ECD Centers: 363
Primary/Secondary: 589
Schools: 10


Children: 2,288
Afterschool: 77
Playgroups: 468
Primary/Secondary: 1,743
Schools: 27

Northern Cape

Children: 546
ECD Centers: 546
Schools: 18

North West Province

Children: 1,994
ECD Centers: 136
Playgroups: 964
Primary/Secondary: 894
Schools: 97

Western Cape

Children: 5,775
Afterschool: 1,457
ECD Centers: 2,766
Holiday Programs: 336
Primary/Secondary: 1,216
Schools: 127