south african lunchroom

Feeding Children
The Lunchbox Fund targets the poorest children and schools and provides them with nutritional meals. Typically the children are fed peanut butter and/or jam sandwiches on whole wheat bread with a piece of fresh fruit daily. For some of these children it may be their only meal of the day.

Schools we work with

Approximate Cost

  • sponsor-a-child for a month ($8)
  • sponsor-a-child for a year ($80)
  • sponsor-a-school for a year ($8000)

meadowlands school in soweto

Meadowlands Secondary School

Meadowlands School was established in 1955. The historical significance of this is that all the people now living in the suburb were there as a result of the forced removals and demolition of Sophiatown, during the Apartheid era. The school motto is very apt to these circumstances, "Through Difficulties We Shall Succeed".

"At Meadowlands High there is a boy called Ralph, I gave him 3 shirts today and could feel his thinness as he gave me a hug. I discovered that his mother was recently burnt to death in a shack fire and that he is staying with the family that took him in. Mrs. Ndando said that she is worried that he is not getting enough food. Officially he is on the feeding program."
-- Gillian Wilkinson, Project Manager.

Vice Headmistress

director of meadowlands feeding program Tandeka Ndando
Born: Transkei, Eastern Cape
Teaching Experience: started teaching at Clarkebury High, and later taught at Ndamase High; joined Meadowlands Secondary School in 1982
reasoma school in soweto


Translated the schools name means "We Are Working", and their school motto is "Nothing Less Than Our Best". Re A Soma is the only high school in Soweto with a fully functioning library, and is also reputed to have the highest academic record within the Soweto township.


principal of reasoma school Catherine Mafatshe
Born: Soweto, Moroka Location
Teaching Experience: 19 years H.O.D. Life Orientation, 1989 to Present
beyers naude high school

Beyers Naude

The Sharpeville massacre in 1960 (during which the South African police killed 69 Africans protesting restrictions on their freedom of movement) led Beyers Naude, a former clergyman to resign from the church's political teachings and become a leading anti-apartheid activist and advocate of racial reconciliation and equal rights. The Beyers Naude High School is named after him.

"At Beyers Naude the Headmistress phoned me to say that a child was unable to pay attention in class the other day and she is nearing her final Matriculation examinations. The child had not eaten for 2 days."
-- Gillian Wilkinson, Project Manager.


principal of beyers naude school Linda Zabala
Born: Limpopo
Teaching Experience: Teacher for 5 years at Selcano Nfoane; Lecturer at Setotolwane Teacher's College for 2 years; Deputy Principal for 8 years at Emadwaleni; Principal 17 years at Dr. Beyers
Alexandra high school

Alexandra High School

Alexandra High is the oldest high school in Alexandra. It was established in 1938 and has a population of 1874 students, making it the largest high school in the township.  The school motto is Villa Da Vinci which means "What You Earn You Must Work Hard For". Alex high is reputed to have the highest academic results in the Alexandra township.


principal of alex high school Ms Hazel Phillips
Born: Alexandra Township
Teaching Experience: Completed a B.Ed at the University of the Witwatersrand and M.Ed by correspondence through Pretoria University. She returned to Alexandra High School as Principal in 1985 where she has a reputation for being a hard worker, strict but respected.